Race Name The 2nd FunTrails Round Hanno Trail Run Race 50k/8k (FTR Hanno)
Race dates April 11th, 2020 Saturday- April 12th , 2020 Sunday
Place Hanno Chuo park
※There is NO official parking lot. If you come sub venue by car, please park other toll parking lot nearby.
Race entry fees
  • FTR50K:12,500 JPY
  • TryTrail8K:3,000 JPY
  • ※Please be aware that there are no entry fee refunds (full or partial) for whatever the reason once you’ve signed up for the race.
  • ※Race cancellation after payment will be NOT allowed by any reasons.
  • ※If you’ve signed up for the race through the Japanese registration system and opted to pay via bank transfer, you must make the payment by the payment deadline or your registration will be cancelled. If we receive your bank transfer after the payment deadline, your entry will be automatically cancelled and your payment will be returned to you minus a service charge.
  • ※You can not transfer your right to appear this race anyone.
Fixed number
  • FTR50K:700
  • TryTrail8K:200


Men’s Overall
1st-8th place
Women’s Overall
1st-8th place
Under 39, 40s, 50s, Over60s Category 1st-3rd place
Under 39, 40s, 50s, Over60s Category 1st-3rd place


Men’s Overall
1st-3rd place
Women’s Overall
1st-3rd place
Under 39, 40s, 50s, Over60s Category 1st place
Under 39, 40s, 50s, Over60s Category 1st place

※※ Category award does not override overall and won’t get both of them.

Race organizer FunTrails Race Committee
Management FunTrails Round Hanno Trail Run Race Committee
Management cooperation Saitama Mountaineering Federation
Support Hanno city, Hanno city Board of Education, Hidaka city, Moroyama town
Sponsors (previous year’s performance) adidas, Garmin, ECC-R, BOA, ATHLETE Q10, New-HALE, Sakana no chikara, YAMAP, HoneyStinger, TOYOTA renta-lease, Platypus, Hidamarri mountain villa, FUKUDA, GOLD GYM, WORLD MOTION, Next gears, Ashi-labo, Shimizu Hardware, Watanabe service plan, Hijiri chiropratic

Race course information


Hanno Chuo Park(Main venue)⇒ Koma Pass ⇒Koma Hongo Crossroad ⇒ Mt. Hiwada ⇒Mt. Monomi ⇒Gongendo ⇒Yugate ⇒Ebiga hill ⇒ Ipponsugi Pass ⇒Kouburi Pass ⇒Hattoku ⇒Takayama Fudo ⇒Mano ⇒Kitagawa Elementary school ⇒Morisaka Pass ⇒ Neno gongen ⇒Agano station ⇒Maesaka ⇒Otakayamaya ⇒Mt.Tenkaku ⇒Higashiagano ⇒Higashi Pass ⇒Kuzumi hill⇒Nagata ⇒Hanno Chuo Park(Main venue)

Distance 51.1km
Cumulative altitude gain 2,610m(75% trail)
Time limit 12 hours 30min

Course map


Hanno Chuo Park(Main venue) ⇒water treatment plant ⇒Yasaka shrine gateway ⇒Nagata ⇒Nagara intersection ⇒Hanno Chuo Park(Main venue)

Distance 8km
Cumulative altitude gain 220m(45% trail)
Time limit 3 hours


April 11th Saturday

13:00 Registration start
16:00 Briefing
18:00 Closing time of registration

April 12th Sunday


5:00 registration start at Hanno Chuo Park
6:45 Briefing
7:00 Opening Ceremony / Closing time of registration
7:30 Race start ※No race start after 7:30. If you miss the start, your race will be cancelled.
16:30 award Ceremony
19:30 Cut off time


8:00~9:30 registration at Hanno Chuo Park
9:30 Briefing
9:45 Opening Ceremony
10:00 Race start
12:00 Award Ceremony
13:00 Cut off time


Conditions to participate in this race

Keep rules and manners of mountains (Fun trails own policy)
  • Prepare one pocket for your garbage and do not throw garbage along the course.
  • Also pick at least one garbage along the course to keep mountain clean.
  • Greeting to others twice; once when you meet 10m before and twice when you pass each other, with gratitude.
  • Priority hikers. You are always after them.
  • Do not run when you pass hikers on the course. Do not scare them.
  • You must stay on the trail at all times. Do not step or damage plants.
  • Do not use headphone otherwise you can’t hear any attentions and greetings. Enjoy nature’s sound!
  • Bring indispensable articles with you to protect your life such as enough water, saline and energy supplement.
  • Be polite to all temples and shrines. Please pay your respects.
  • Remember the feeling of gratitude to the mountains.
  • Any male or female 18 years of age or older as of race day, who is in good health and can complete the race without getting lost.
  • For youths who are 18 or 19 years old, parental/ guardian permission is required.
  • You will be also required conditions as below;(FTR50k)

    • ① You must have finished over 25km trail run race since past 2 years.
    • ② You must have done your heath check within 1 year.

    “Past two years” period is from January .2018 to Mar .2020.

  • We need the name of past races, day of race, bib number and finish time at your application.
  • The normative races you have done are required to officially announced whole distance by race Organizer.
  • You should complete your normative races before your apply. Please do not apply before your normative races done.
  • We are going to check your application about required experiences of our race. If any false statement on your application, chancelletion and refund will be NOT allowed.

Mandatory Equipment


  • ①Mobile phone; number registered by race committee-
  • ②Personal cup for hot/cold drinks at aid stations (minimum 150cc size).
  • ③Water – You must carry a minimum of 1L of water at the start line and upon leaving each aid station.
  • ④Food
    ※General necessary calories( Your weight ×8 ×race hours-1500Kcal)
  • ⑤One light with replacement batteries.
  • ⑥One light with replacement batteries.
  • ⑦Whistle
  • ⑧Adhesive elastic tape/band (minimum length of 80cm x 3cm)
  • ⑨Portable/disposable toilet ※If you use yours during the race, replacements are available at the aid station.
  • ⑩Detailed course map – You must print out the “Detailed Course Map” from the race website and carry it with you at all times.
  • ⑪Waterproof rain jacket with hood & rain pants (both made of waterproof and breathable membrane such as DRY Q or something similar; seams must be seam-sealed)
  • ⑫First aid kit (such as band aids, disinfectant, etc )
  • ⑬Medical insurance policy ( copied one is not allowed)
  • ⑭Backpack to carry with both shoulders all your mandatory equipment and other recommended items. One shoulder type back is not allowed.
  • ⑮Some cash for train fare, in case when you retire the race, we will ask you go back to Hanno Chuo Park by train※From Nishi Agano Hanno 270JPY


  • Please make sure that all equipment is to protect your life and you should provide and know how to use before the race.
  • There will be an equipment check at the race registration.
  • You can bring additional gear you need to protect yourself.
  • You can’t change or leave your mandatory equipment after the equipment check.
  • There will be also several equipment check during the race.
  • If we find that you do not have your mandatory equipment after (during) the race, you will be disqualified from the race by any reasons.
  • Trekking poles are not allowed to use due to protect trail and nature and for safety to other runners and hikers.
  • You should put proper running or trekking shoes that cover on your knees. Any sandals or bare foot are not allowed.
  • There were some runners who bring less food than they should need to expect to get some food at aid station. It is hard to control it under our race rule, but morally bad or wrong as trail runner with our race.
  • If we find that you do not have enough mandatory equipment before the race, your race will be cancelled by race organizer.


  • If you feel that you can no longer continue and decide to drop out of the race, you must notify race staff at the cut-off check point.
    Please tell race staff that you want to drop out of the race on the course.
  • Please return your IC chips immediately.


Both races that require racers to run through mountainous terrain both during the day and at night with possibility to encountering dangerous animals like bears or hornets. You must fully understand and agree to the following conditions and responsibilities for safety race.

  • Your actions and any outcomes that may result are your responsibility.
  • You are responsible for checking your own health condition before the race.
  • You must follow race organizer’s instructions and prepare specified mandatory equipment.
  • You fully understand that you are responsible for injured or injure others are not the responsibility of the race organization.
  • Please be aware that there are no entry fee refunds (full or partial) for whatever the reason even race category changes or cancellation once you’ve signed up for the race.
During the race
  • You must keep rules above 11-1.
  • You must stay on the trail assigned by the organizer at all times.
  • You should not run on the walking section assigned by the reason of safety or nature protection
  • You will not be allowed to unreasonable passing each other in narrow area. If you need to, please call out before passing.
  • You should follow the traffic signs and guide on the course.
  • If during the race, you encounter another runner/staff member who is injured or sick and unable to move on their own, please give priority to assisting that person and call race headquarters for emergency assistance.
  • Do not use any firearms on the course.
  • Picking up or damaging plants found along the race course as well as within the overall race area are prohibited.
  • Using trekking poles or any sticks along the trail are not allowed to protect plants and trail road.
  • All runners should put your bibs on your front and back correctly.
  • The false declaration about age or distinction of sex is prohibited. Your entry (race bib/number) cannot be transferred to another person. If you do so, you, and the person to whom you’ve transferred the race bib to, will be prohibited from entering the FT race in the future. ※If it was found out, your entry /award will be cancelled and your future entry qualifications will be divested and the race organizer has no responsibility for any these false declarations and participation by proxy.
  • You are responsible for yourself physically and mentally, well trained to have the ability to deal with any problems that may be encountered during the race.

If we find out meet the above race conditions, your entry to this race may be declined.

  • The race organizer reserves the right to cancel or cut-short/stop the race for the following reasons; severe weather warnings or the inability of the race to ensure runners and staff safety.
  • The decision as to whether or not the race will be cancelled will be made on the day before the race. This will be communicated via the official race website. An E-message will also be sent by 17:00p.m before the race day out to the mail address you provided to the race.
  • Any refund after you paid for your entry will be NOT accepted by any reasons.

The insurance is for travellers’ and the company is Tokyo Marine & Nichido Fire insurance Co.,Ltd. The amount of insurance

Death or physical impediment 5,000,000JPY / Hospitalization :6,000 JPY/per day / Ambulatory care: 3,000 JPY/per day / Liability insurance:1,000,000 JPY/per day

※We don’t take out any outdoor insurance so we would recommend you take your own.

  • Your personal information to apply this race will be used and managed by race committee as necessary.
  • Rights to the footage, photos, articles, results, etc. are owned by the race organization and protected by copyright laws.
  • Privacy Policy: Personal information shall not be used for objectives outside of the stated purposes.


  • Any changes or new information will be posted up on our official website and facebook page

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