Regarding race entry2020.03.11

We’ve been asked about extending the deadline for the race entry; however, currently we are not even certain whether the race will take place and so are not be able to respond to those requests at this moment.

After discussing it internally, we decided that we cannot extend the application deadline for the reasons below.

* Even on March 12, most likely we cannot make a decision whether or not to cancel.
* We need to keep preparing for the race until we decide definitively whether it will occur or not.
* There is a possibility of cancelling the race even before March 27
* It will be too late to prepare if more runners apply for the race after March 27.

We will continue to monitor the situation while preparing for the race as there are many who still hope that it will take place.

We very much regret that we cannot accede to your request.
Thank you for your understanding.

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