About equipments

As the cap covered my ear for my required equipment, can I use a BUFF neck warmer with tied one side?
It is allowed to use as your cap that your BUFF is covered your ears completely.
Is “⑪Long sleeve shirt for cold weather(raised back, fleece, soft-shell jacket)” includes others like thin down jacket or padding jacket like Nano Puff of PATAGONIA?
No problem.
You can adjust it depending on the weather.
Does “⑫Warm long tights that go down to your ankles (or half tights covered your knees and long socks under your knees are also allowed” mean that covered all of my legs made of tights, jersey or polyester material that I should wear or bring with me except rain pants?
As mentioned, please prepare long tights wearing or bring with you.
You can’t wear rain pants on long pants and there is a risk that it could not keep warm.
There is a rumor that it is not allowed to wear race sandals like huaraches. Is it true?

Yes, it is. The reason why bare foot or sandals are banned is just for safety.

There are many rocky areas and graveled road and danger of being injured even on your shoes. If you are injured and call police or fire department to rescue you, the problem will become so serious that the very existence of the next race to be hold is threatened.
In fact, trail running races have run into a lot of flak from the public recently.

We know that some bare foot or sandal runners are much stronger and careful, however, we would appreciate your understanding.

Transportation and Accomodation

The start of FTR100 has changed. Is parking lot prepare besides Hitsujiyama park?
Yes, we will prepare the parking lot back of Michino eki Chichibu.
Please make a reservation of parking lot through RUNNET, 1000 JYE/one time.
I’m going to drive to start point on the race day, is it possible to park there?
Yes, even if you missed to make a reservation of parking lot, you can pay by cash.
However, we would recommend you to reserve in advance through RUNNET.
I entered FTR100K, and is it possible to stay in Chichibu on Friday night?
Yes, we booked some shared room for international runnners. Please contact us for the details.